How to operate your Christmas-tree bag

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1. Make a hole in bottom of bag and place bag around stand.

2. Insert tree in stand.  Tip:  This can be easier if tree is frozen and/or still in mesh wrapping.

3. Skirt the tree stand.

4. Let tree thaw and decorate to taste.

5. Have a Merry Christmas.

6. When you are sick of tree, undecorate, unskirt and lift the bag around and over the tree.

7. Tie top of bag in a Christmas bow.  Tip: Avoid spilling stand water, which contains sap and can stain flooring.  Siphon the water from the stand with a turkey baster before you remove the tree, transferring the water to a bucket.

8. Loosen trunk, pull tree from stand and carry to car.

9. Bag will keep needles from dropping on your floor and car trunck whilst enroute to recycling depot.

10. At the depot, please remove bag from tree.

11. Your car has remained clean on the inside.  Hooray!

Bag can be saved for re-use next year.