The annual Scoutrees campaign runs during April.

The Scoutrees Campaign is Scouting’s commitment to conservation and sustainability of our natural resources.

Each spring since 1972, thousands of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts – who are part of Scouts Canada, have planted trees through the Scoutrees Program.  Scoutrees gives all members the opportunity to demonstrate, through action, their concern for the environment. By planting trees, youth learn about the important role trees have in our lives, the critical need for conservation, the huge impact of climate change and how we can do our part to create a better world.

Each spring, 16,000 Scouting members plant another 200,000 trees bringing the total number of trees planted since 1972 to over 80 million.

Youth planting tree
Funds raised not only help us to plant trees, but assist with local Scouting.  A portion also goes to the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund, for international projects.

Fundraising proceeds as follows.
  Each youth receives a pledge form and asks family, friends and neighbours for donations.  Additionally, our group will arrange times to have youth members "blitz" the areas around our meeting places, asking for donations at every household.  An "amount per tree planted" pledge is not requested, just a single donation collected at the time of asking.  The pledge sheet is filled out and handed in, with all money collected to the Group Commissioner.

Also, besides the fun and challenge of participating in a nation-wide Good Turn, each participant will receive a Scoutrees crest.
Scoutrees logo
Planting takes place in May (usually the first Saturday).   Planters, please remember to dress for the weather, and wear proper footwear and gloves. Please also bring a water bottle (full), a spade and an ice cream pail. Uniform is not required, but neckers should be worn.

As a Scout, you are the guardian of the woods.  A Scout never damages a tree by hacking it with his knife or axe.  It does not take long to fell a tree but it takes many years to grow one, so a Scout cuts down a tree for a good reason only, not just for the sake of using his axe.  For every tree felled, two should be planted."  - Lord Baden Powell
Thanks for your support!