Advanced-Activity Planning


67th Winnipeg Scout Group is involved in medium-to-long term planning for "advanced activities."  On the first Thursday of each month, a planning meeting is held for parents of Scouts interested in attending a jamboree (week-long camp with thousands of Scouts) in July 2019 (either the Pacific Jamboree or the World Scout Jamboree). Youth are also welcome to attend the meeting.

1. Pacific Jamboree (British Columbia): Target age group for participants is youth born 2005-2008.  There is some leeway, but attending youth must be registered in as a “Scout” prior to the event. Scouts born in 2004 or earlier may wish to participate in PJ’19 as an “Offer of Service” (OOS). OOS will be fed and have an assigned job for the week. The theme for PJ'19 is Myths & Legends! Dates and other details TBA. Watch
2. World Scout Jamboree (July 22 to Augus t 2, 2019, West Virginia): This is for an older age group. There are strict age limits for participants – youth must have been born between July 22, 2001 and July 21, 2005. Scouts born before July 21, 2005 may attend as OOS. Watch
3. The next Canadian Jamboree will be held in 2021.  Planning for this one may commence after summer 2019.
4. Other non-jamboree group trips are possible, such as a journey to Churchill or a trip to see the Scouts of Orkney.  These are under active discussion.

To pull off these types of events, parent involvement is critical.  Parent subcommittees will be needed to arrange transportation, registration, fundraising, logistics, post-activities, etc. So, come on out and be involved!

A collection of information and updates on plans and possibilities for advanced activities.

World Scout Jamboree 2019 (posted March 1, 2018, updated June 5, 2018)

UPDATE OF JUNE 5, 2018: 1. The Canadian Contingent is adjusting the open period for Participant registration. The Contingent Management Team can only guarantee a spot with the Contingent for those who register on or before June 30. We will continue to allow registration past July 1, on a waitlist basis, up until December 31, 2018.  2. Adjustments have been made to the payment plan.

The following is information for those interested in going to the jamboree with the Canadian Contingent, and is summarized from

The World Scout Jamboree will be from July 22 to August 2, 2019 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, West Virginia, USA.  The Jamboree is longer than usual Canadian jamborees at 10 days. Adding in the 5 days of pre-camp, and the travel, it is a longish adventure.

The Canadian Contingent has a mandatory (for Participants and Unit Leaders) pre-camp from July 18-22, 2019 at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD (just outside Washington, DC).  Participants and Unit Leaders will be taken by charted bus from the pre-camp to jamboree on July 22 and bussed back to DC on August 2.  Pre-camp accommodation (2 people per room) and some meals/sightseeing are included.

Your potential involvement

There are three ways to be involved in the Jamboree (one for youth and two for adults).  Please note the strict age limits for youth participants.

1. A youth participant (senior Scout or Venturer) who is 14 to 17 years old when the jamboree begins (born between July 22, 2001 and July 21, 2005) can join the Canadian Contingent as a jamboree Participant.  Eligible youth participants may register individually or together with a prospective Unit Leader.

2. An adult participant (Scouter) participant.  Adult members may apply for Unit Leader positions, which also travel as part of the contingent.

3. An adult volunteer (International Service Team (IST) member).  Adults wishing to join the Jamboree under Offer of Service are encouraged to register as part of the International Service Team (IST).

Every country, including Canada, will have a fixed quota of Scouting youth who can participate. Should there be more applicants than quota spots, a selection process will be implemented involving an evaluation of each youth’s accomplishments and dedication to Scouting.  Also, because of the terrain and nature of activities, youth must be physically strong (body mass index of 31.9 or less). 

It is possible for a Scout to register as an individual Participant (will be put into a patrol), or a patrol can be registered with a potential Unit leader and up to nine youth.  The Jamboree ration is 1:9 and the two-Scouter rule is accommodated by the fact that a Unit consists of four patrols (36 youth and four adults) and the Unit travels together.

Fees (valid up to Dec. 31, 2018)

Option 1. No flight - $3,675 for Participants and $3,025 for ISTs 
Option 2. Incl. flight from Winnipeg $ 4,100 for Participants and $3,450 for ISTs

The fine print: Fee for Participants includes pre-camp.  ISTs do not go to pre-camp, but rather go the Jamboree site early for training.  A payment schedule can be set up, with parts of the fee deferred to July 1, 2018, November 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019, but only by pre-authorized debit If a registration is cancelled, part of the fee will be refunded, depending on the date of cancellation.  Special refund requests due to extenuating circumstances may be possible, on a case-by-case basis.

Applying to be an adult participant (Unit Leader)

Within the Unit of 40 there are four Leadership roles for Scouters: a Unit Leader, a Deputy Unit Leader and two Assistant Unit Leaders.  Where a Jamboree Unit is split across more than one Council, it is expected that Scouters will come from different Councils to form the Unit Leadership Team.  The selection process includes an application, references, an interview and selection based on a number of criteria (see WJ web page for more detail).  If a Scouter applies to be a Unit Leader and is not successful, it is possible to then be considered for an IST role, as a backup plan.

Should we assemble a patrol (from 67th Winnipeg and/or associated Groups), we can register that patrol with one of our Scouters.  If other Scouters want to go, they can register as either ISTs or patrol leaders (but, if selected as patrol leaders, they would lead a different patrol).


If participants or ISTs do not wish to pay for the flight option, they will be responsible for making their own way to their respective locale on July 18.
- Washington, DC (participants, for pre-camp)
- Charlotte, North Carolina or Charleston, West Virginia (for ISTs, who will then travel by bus to the jamboree site).


Anyone going to the jamboree will need a backpack with any personal items such as flashlights, mess kit, clothing etc. There is no need to bring any patrol equipment.  Everyone gets some Canadian Contingent swag ahead of time; at least a daypack, necker, woggle and contingent crest.
done to Is the Pre-Camp Mandatory

Role of ISTs

If you are selected as a member of the IST (and, most applicants will be) you could be allocated to any role that contributes to the delivery of the event, although you do have a chance to indicate your skills and preferences when applying.  Be prepared for a bus ride and up to 30 minute walk to/from IST accomodations and the location where you will be working each day.  In addition to working, there will be a specific program of activities set up just for ISTs.